Daily Devotionals

What happens in you is more important than what happens to you.

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Daily Devotionals

Rather than trying to make a success of yourself, ask God to do the job.

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Daily Devotionals

One of the sobering characteristics of leadership is that God expects more of leaders than followers.

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Daily Devotionals

Be as loyal to your friends as you want them to be to you. Continue reading ‘Loyalty’

Glorify God

Daily Devotionals

Glory is something you give, not take, and the one who deserves it the most is God. Continue reading ‘Glorify God’

Daily Devotionals

Personal happiness is most easily gained by bringing happiness to others. Continue reading ‘Make Someone Happy’

Thanking God

Daily Devotionals

Thank the Lord each day for His gifts to you. Continue reading ‘Thanking God’

Daily Devotionals

People who talk a lot about themselves seldom want to hear what others have to say. Continue reading ‘Talk About Others’

God in You

Daily Devotionals

People are attracted to enthusiasm. Continue reading ‘God in You’

Daily Devotionals

You are investing in eternity when you spend time with God. Continue reading ‘Prepare Now for Eternity’



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